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"We received this Thank You card and though you would be interested in sharing it with everyone in your company. Our policyholder is very pleased with the work that was done. Congratulations on a job well done! Thank you in advance for your speedy response!"
S.T., Office Manager

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Water Pipe Breaks

Pipe breaks are a leading cause of winter flood damages to your home or business. In most cases, pipes break during freezing weather. As temperatures fall, water expands and causes localized pressure. When the pressure becomes too great, a break or fracture occurs. This may create a pinhole leak, hairline break or large crack.

Thawing is the first step.

Frozen pipes must be thawed out. To do so, locate the coldest part of the pipe with your hands. The coldest part indicates the location of the block and where heat should be applied. Heat can be applied by a number of different ways. These include: Continue reading “Water Pipe Breaks” »

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