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"I just wanted to let you know my kitchen looks excellent the the guys did such a great job! I was very impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm for doing a quality job. I knew from the start that my kitchen was in good hands! Thanks for sending a great crew out for my project. I am sure that I will be getting many compliments on the new kitchen."
Stella, Cleveland, OH

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Water Damage from Broken Pipes Increases during Winter Months

During winter months N.E Ohio temperatures can cause more problems than just rising electric bills and driving up fuel costs. Pressurized indoor plumbing lines and connections exposed to extreme cold may expand and break releasing large volumes of water into attics, basements and living areas throughout homes. Within minutes water can travel from upstairs to downstairs, through walls, along foundation slabs and damage the structural integrity of residential and commercial buildings if not properly mitigated.

These arctic type temperatures following a front can move into our region of Ohio and cause severe damage to homes & businesses. Water damage resulting from frozen/broken pipes can cause tremendous damage if not detected as well as potential serious health & safety risk if not mitigated properly.

Certainly prevention is the main defense against broken pipes and water damage. By installing thicker grades of insulation in attics and between ceilings and walls a homeowner runs less of a risk but this requires added costs and not always the route taken. The fact is frozen pipes break and water spills into residential and commercial living spaces each year. Continue reading “Water Damage from Broken Pipes Increases during Winter Months” »

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